Choose Your Seat Wisely

(By Kasey)

When I was a child and going to the movies, there was a time when I would want to sit right in the middle of the front row. I would be envious of the early arrivals who got those seats. But then one time I got there in time to procure the coveted seat. What I found out though was the sound seemed way too loud, my head became the target for whatever was being tossed from the rows behind me, and my neck would hurt from having to look up at the screen. It was not quite the experience I had imagined it would be.

It can be similar with someone choosing their spiritual seat. When I decided to sit front and center with God, the enemy turned up the volume, and the arrows started flying. I even had a dream one night about a woman pointing at me through a window and saying something accusatory about me moving my chair. I tried to tell her I had only moved it to have a better view of the television. I walked out the front door and saw a long line of people waiting to get a look at where I was sitting.

I was telling my daughter about the dream recently, and she remembered a video clip she had watched about choosing your seat. I have attached it below. After watching the video, I had a better understanding of what my dream may have been telling me.



Not everyone will agree with my seat choice, and there will be trials and testing to go along with my selection. At times the enemy’s whispers will fill my ears, and there will be things thrown at me to test my resolve. My saving grace will be to look up continually at the Father, (even when the crick in my neck seems unbearable) because the ending will make it all worth the price of choosing the good seat – the best seat in the house.